Saving Autumn’s Colors

OF vista

This week my friend Jeremy and I went hiking at a state park near us that we had never been to. It’s called Old Furnace State Park in Killingly, CT and it had great trails that led to cliffs bordering a small pond. It’s peak foliage time here in CT and the views from the cliffs were amazing!

The park is named Old Furnace because an iron furnace used to operate on the site during the Revolutionary war and produce iron horse shoes for the war effort. We were hoping that remnants of the furnace still remained on the land, but there is little evidence of the industry other than man-made ponds and stone walls. Regardless, it was a beautiful hike.

OF old furnace pond1

OF graffiti

OF jer cliff

OF selfie

OF cliffs

As we hiked we picked up leaves on the ground that were especially pretty so I could dip them in paraffin wax when I got home later.

OF leaf pile

A few years ago I picked up a paraffin wax bath at a yard sale for $5! I have never used it! So I figured I’d try it out on the leaves to preserve their color for a bit longer.

OF wax

It takes 4-5 hours to melt the paraffin wax so make sure you do this way ahead of your project!

OF leaf dip

Quickly dip the leaf until it is entirely submerged and then let it air dry for a minute. One coat of wax is plenty. A second coat makes the leaves look too waxy.

OF color pop

One layer of wax really gives the leaves a pop of color and a nice sheen!

OF leaves1

OF carnival glass

I displayed the leaves in a carnival glass bowl that used to be my great-grandmothers. The orange glass went well with the leaves!

OF leaves2

OF bowl o leaves

Now I can hang on to the colors of fall for at least a little bit longer!


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One thought on “Saving Autumn’s Colors

  1. John Klinefelter October 31, 2013 at 2:50 am Reply

    Thanks for the tip on the Park. Great pictures

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